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The ethics of home-mounted CCTV security systems

The ethics of home-mounted CCTV security systems

01st November 2016

In our previous blog entry, we discussed the security options you can use to protect your home from intruders and criminals. One of the security measures we suggested using in conjunction with security fencing was CCTV. However, you may be wondering if it’s ethical to utilise CCTV in a populated, residential area. Even though the purpose of the system is to protect your home, not to spy on passers-by, you probably don’t want to violate your neighbour’s privacy accidentally. Here, we’ll discuss the ethical issues surrounding private, home-mounted CCTV so that you can make an informed decision about whether you want to install CCTV as part of your property’s security system.

As a homeowner, you have a natural right to defend your property from miscreants and criminals. If your home is likely to be targeted for any reason, it is your prerogative to set up a suitable security system. But privacy is also an important right: the people who live in the area surrounding your home may feel uncomfortable about the possibility of being caught on camera as they go about their daily lives. So you have to balance your rights as a home-owner against your responsibilities as a member of the local community.

One possible solution is to discuss your plans to install CCTV with your neighbours and other local individuals. Then, you may be able to come to an agreement that allows you to protect your home without causing anyone to feel that their privacy has been compromised.

You may also wish to consider limiting the scope of your CCTV. For example, you can choose to position and angle your CCTV cameras so that they can only pick up from your own property rather than from the surrounding street or streets. While reducing the area that your cameras can see may slightly limit their effectiveness in some cases, doing so will allow you to avoid violating anyone’s privacy.

If you decide to utilise CCTV to protect your home, we can supply and install the system. If you prefer not to use CCTV, however, we can offer various alternatives, from security fencing to straightforward alarm systems.

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