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Good fences make good neighbours

Good fences make good neighbours

03rd April 2018

We’re currently experiencing a migrant crisis, with massive refugee camps located in Jordan and Turkey and serious border concerns across Europe. Images of people moving from war or poverty-stricken areas have dominated recent media and caused political changes.

Since the Schengen Agreement of 1985, the restrictions on moving between European countries have largely been erased. However, as the EU struggles with the immigrant crisis but determinedly holds fast to Schengen principles, perhaps the time has come to consider how good fences might help maintain good neighbours.

No borders need good fences.

This abolition of internal EU border controls cannot come at the expense of security. Since checks are rarely carried out at the borders between Schengen states, it is clear that improved security is needed. Secure and effective fencing both reassures and deters. It has become a necessity – just as many of our customers appreciate when safeguarding their territory.

As a response to growing concerns about the seemingly never-ending numbers of refugees and migrants arriving at their borders, several European states constructed fences and increased border controls. It could be argued that fences and barriers result in denying access to protection for people fleeing conflict or human rights violations. This could force them to turn to smugglers and take life risks to find unrestricted ways of entry.

It could also be demonstrated that well constructed; secure fencing allows countries to control their borders and protect citizens more adequately.

Do border fences work?

Ethnic tension, national rivalries and mass migrations seem to be permanent features of our human condition. Nearly three decades after the fall of the Berlin Wall, barriers around the world still separate neighbour from neighbour. Do walls permeate our history: Hadrian’s and China’s Great Wall through to now, the Israel/Palestine wall and the future: USA/Mexico?

However, our walls and fences are built not to keep people in but to keep people out. Whatever the debate over walls and fences, they are here to stay. Therefore, the ones that we construct need to be purposeful and steadfast.

If you’re looking to find a sympathetic means of adding high-security perimeter fencing, we have a range of options, including woven mesh and welded mesh, which offer a subtle but secure solution for the site or border control.

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