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Bespoke security fencing versus standard security fencing

Bespoke security fencing versus standard security fencing

03rd May 2018

If you intend to secure your site or premises with a brand-new security fencing solution, you have to make a critical decision. Do you want a bespoke security fencing solution or a standard, ‘off-the-shelf’ one? Of course, both options have their advantages, so you must have the information you need to make the right decision for you. That’s why we’d like to provide a straightforward and easy-to-understand comparison.

1. Security

Bespoke fencing panels can be manufactured to meet the precise security requirements of your site. In contrast, this obviously isn’t possible with standard fencing solutions. (Although they can be installed in a way that makes your site’s security needs into account). A bespoke fencing solution will generally be more secure than a conventional alternative because it can be manufactured specifically for your site. This makes them ideal for larger businesses and organisations that might be targeted by organised criminals. However, smaller, less well-known businesses may not need the same degree of protection and can safely opt for standard fencing.

2. Pricing

Standard fencing is considerably more affordable than bespoke fencing because it doesn’t have to be manufactured from scratch when someone purchases it. In comparison, a bespoke fencing solution can only be created once we know the client’s requirements, which drives up production costs. In addition, of course, the added protection offered by bespoke security fencing might prevent criminals from accessing your assets and therefore help you save money in the long run. However, if your security requirements are fairly minimal, there’s nothing wrong with opting for a less costly solution.

3. Branding

Bespoke fencing solutions can be produced that promote your brand and really stand out compared to other security fencing solutions. If you want to improve brand awareness, bespoke fencing panels are a great solution. However, if your brand is already well-established or doesn’t need additional promotion, you can opt for standard fencing.

Whether you choose bespoke fencing or standard fencing, we can help. Here at Zaun, we offer both customised fencing solutions and conventional fencing solutions. Contact us for more information or visit our product pages today. You’ll find a wide range of different security fencing styles to choose between.