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Three industries that need additional security

Three industries that need additional security

25th October 2016

All businesses need to utilise some security measures to protect themselves. However, some businesses require more significant security measures than others. Here at Zaun, we understand that some types of businesses are likely to be targeted by high-level criminals and determined vandals and require additional security. In contrast, other types may only have to contend with minor miscreants and petty thieves. But which types of business need the most security? There are no definitive answers to this question because every business is different. However, as a general rule, if you run a business in any of the following market sectors, it is probably at greater risk of being targeted than most businesses.

1. The financial sector

If you run a business that handles large quantities of cash or deals with significant sums of money digitally on behalf of its customers, it is likely to be targeted by ambitious professional thieves. What’s more, the financial sector has been unpopular since the financial crash of 2008, so businesses in this sector may be targeted for political reasons. If your business is part of the financial sector, we recommend that you invest in physical security measures (such as security fencing, CCTV and alarm systems), which we can provide. We also suggest that you protect your business using cyber-security measures to prevent online attacks.

2. The construction sector

Construction businesses usually have to keep a large number of valuable building materials and equipment in storage. As a result, such businesses are not likely to be targeted by professional criminals. Still, they are likely to be targeted by an abnormally high preponderance of petty thieves due to their materials and machinery’s high value and resaleable nature. Therefore, if your business is in the construction sector, you should invest money in physical security. We suggest that you focus on creating an impenetrable perimeter using security fencing, fence toppers and other barriers.

3. The gambling sector

Unlike businesses in the financial sector, casinos and gambling emporiums are unlikely to be vandalised or attacked for political reasons. However, they do have one thing in common with financial businesses: they carry large amounts of cash. This naturally makes them a very tempting target for thieves on every level of the criminal underworld. So if you run a casino or other gambling venture, it makes sense to take sensible security precautions.

Whatever sector your business is in, we can provide you with a wide range of security measures. If your business is in any of the sectors we’ve discussed today, you should invest in them as soon as possible.

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