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Zaun’s £½ million ‘job’ on cash handling centres

Zaun’s £½ million ‘job’ on cash handling centres

02nd June 2014

High-security experts Zaun Fencing locked down access to three strategic gold bullion and cash handling centres.

Zaun designed perimeter protection systems on the principle of ‘hiding in plain sight for the centres. Run by a global leader in security-related services for banks, retailers, governments and other industries.

To the untrained eye, the sites look just like any ordinary industrial warehouse. The Axiom fencing employed by Zaun is the same as fitted on industrial sites across the UK.

But there, the similarity ends. The gold bullion centres, each guarded by hundreds of hidden cameras. For any would-be intruder who still fancies their chances. Electric fencing has been bolted to the back of the Axiom line, extending another 1.6m above.

Specially adapted vehicle gates allow access to the armoured vehicles that carry the cash and gold in and out of the facility. PAS 68 bollards, blockers and one-way ramps further restrict unauthorised access.

PAS 68:2010 is the latest BSI’s Publicly Available Specifications for vehicle security fencing, gates, and barriers. The benchmark for Hostile Vehicle Mitigation equipment. Specifying a stringent regime for products to test against.

The whole physical security package of the cash handling centres amounts to approaching a quarter of a million pounds of perimeter protection for each of the three sites.

Zaun high-security systems sales manager Chris Plimley said:

We get the widest range of commissions to keep safe assets that people value – from gold to critical national water and energy supply lines and global leaders to primary school children.

Each requires the same assessment of risks, bespoke attention to detail and deciding the right balance between budget, aesthetics and how obvious the deterrent is made.

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