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New MUGA for Avenue Primary School

New MUGA for Avenue Primary School

15th October 2020

Avenue Primary School, in Manor Park, London had a brand-new sports fencing system installed. Architects Mundy + Cramer and installers ETC Sports used Zaun fencing in this successful project.

Avenue Primary School is a fast-growing and successful school in London. However, being surrounded entirely by housing, the school were struggling to balance the needs of outdoor space and teaching. The school needed to replace their only outdoor area on the site; a grass playing field. They found that every year, poor weather would make this space unusable for break times and PE lessons. Avenue Primary School decided a multi-use games area (MUGA) would be an ideal replacement for the grass field.

Mundy + Cramer and ETC Sports used Zaun’s Super Rebound Fencing and Gates to ensure security of the new MUGA. The Super Rebound is ideal for the MUGA, as it can obtain high impacts from footballs, tennis ball, basketballs and more. Using robust rebound mesh, this fencing is a practical and community-friendly alternative to wooden rebound boards and saves on maintenance costs.

The Duo Sports double wire sports fencing system was also used in this project. This fencing was ideal for the urban setting of the primary school, as it resists noise. The strong mesh pattern can overcome the rattling sound that many local residents object to. Each fencing panel can also be cranked inwards to increase ball retention. Avenue Primary School chose Duo Sports fencing with a gate for total security, keeping the children safe during PE.

Zaun are MUGA fencing experts, which is why they use EPDM inserts for noise reduction. By inserting these small EPDM inserts between the clamp bar and post of a fence, the rattle noise when a ball hits the fence is eliminated. This ensures that those living close to Avenue Primary School won’t be disturbed.

Due to heavy restrictions on the site, the installation of the Zaun fencing was phased so that the school could still operate safely and feel minimal impact from the installation. The majority of the works, including fencing and pathways around the MUGA, were completed during the Summer holidays, minimising disruption to the school.

The new MUGA has over 1,000m3 of space available, with both netball and basketball courts so that sports can be taught at the same time. A spokesperson for Zaun Fencing has said:

“We are delighted that Avenue Primary School in London has chosen Zaun Fencing for their new MUGA pitch. The Duo Sports and Super Rebound Fencing are incredibly high quality and very durable, keeping everyone safe while also minimising noise.”

Zaun are leading specialists in perimeter, sports and high-security fencing. For more information about the different types of fencing that Zaun offer, get in touch today.