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Centre of Excellence Upgrade Sports Facilities

Centre of Excellence Upgrade Sports Facilities

12th January 2021

Swanmore College of Technology has upgraded their sports pitches to a brand new state-of-the-art third generation artificial grass football pitch and sports fencing. The college began work on the site back in September 2019, and the installation of the pitch’s high-quality fencing was the finishing touch required for it to open for student use.

Swanmore College embarked on the project after receiving a £138,553 grant from the Government’s Football Foundation, the FA and the Premier League to resurface their old, waterlogged small-sided sand-based AGP. In order to create a versatile and durable pitch that could be utilised year-round regardless of seasonal changes, the college collaborated with SIS Pitches and Zaun to create a robust fencing system built to withstand the test of time.

Zaun supplied two products for Swanmore College’s new fit-for-purpose fencing system, including Duo Sports double wire sports fencing and Super Rebound fencing.

The Duo Sports double wire sports fencing system is made from dual horizontal wires of 6mm or 8mm, sandwiching single vertical wires of 5mm or 6mm to create a strong and vandal-resistant 50mm x 200mm mesh pattern. This sports fencing system is designed to resist rattling and reduce any noise created by impact from people or sports equipment. With an electrostatically applied polyester powder coating and a protective zinc layer, the fencing should last between 15-20 years or more if it is cleaned and maintained on a regular basis.

Like Duo Sports double wire fencing, Super Rebound fencing is also designed for high-impact sports pitches to absorb the shock of being hit by various sports equipment. Super Rebound fencing functions as a modern, practical alternative to traditional plywood or wooden rebound boards and is made of twin horizontal wires at 8mm or 6mm. The fencing system is also designed with fixings in its lower, high-impact areas to eliminate rattling, as well as clamp bars at each end of its panels to protect players from injury.

With this brand-new, state-of-the-art fencing, the new pitch is now equipped to open and benefit its primary users, Bishop Waltham Dynamos FC and Waltham Wolves FC, as the two clubs will now have a more reliable and flexible space to train their players on a regular basis during the week.

The Football Foundation’s chief executive, Paul Thorogood, said of the new development:

“Grassroots football provides so many benefits for members of the community, not least of which is the opportunity to enjoy themselves. Love for our national game, something that can be found across the country, is an integral part of what drives the Foundation and its Funding Partners to keep increasing the standards and quality of our facilities.”

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