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Systra Barges HVM Hostile Vehicle Mitigation Pontoons
Systra Barges HVM Hostile Vehicle Mitigation Pontoons
Systra Barges HVM Hostile Vehicle Mitigation Pontoons
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Systra Barges (or pontoons as they are also known) have been extensively used on a wide range of HVM projects to enhance building stand-off protection to deter attack and reduce consequential loss vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices (VIBIEDs) and are increasingly specified for many vulnerable site perimeters.

Systra’s re-deployable perimeter and stand-off protection solutions have been designed to deliver unrivalled protection for people and assets against VBIED attacks and explosive blasts. The systems can be deployed quickly with minimal disruption, typically on a short or medium-term basis, providing an ideal solution for security-sensitive locations or events. Although they may be supplied in short runs to protect a small span, they may also be used in other Systra HVM products, including drop arm barriers and swing gates.

Systra Barges have been installed at various high-profile locations and temporary venues. Many of these deployments provide operational continuity at each location. Thus, allowing sites to adapt as changes occur to the threat or site operations. The system provides an effective and highly reliable solution to the client’s individual changing needs.

The highly re-deployable nature of the system means it can be put into position quickly and then subsequently moved or reconfigured as the need arises, creating a legacy security solution that can be easily adapted to meet changing client requirements.

Manufactured comprising two steel plates connected to form panels by an array of welded transverse bars. The panels are filled with ready mixed concrete, and the resulting composite offers protection against explosive blast and impact. Each Barge is 2854mm long and weighs 3,000kg, providing a strong and heavy HVM deterrent. Systra barges are linked with short or long connectors depending on the HVM requirements on the project. As a result, Systra Barges are easily connected to other products in the Systra HVM range using the appropriate connector.

The Barges are painted as standard using a two-coat paint system in black and yellow. Bespoke colour schemes based on RAL colours with reflective tapes/signage and embellishments are also available on request.

A typical arrangement requires two connection shafts.

PAS 68 Rating

BSI PAS 68 is the Publicly Available Specification for vehicle security fencing, gates, blockers, bollards and barriers. It has become the standard and benchmark for all Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) products. It is this specification that all physical perimeter security equipment is tested to prevent vehicle-borne attacks.

Systra Barges have been successfully impacted tested to the following standards: V1500[M1]/120/90:0.6/0 | V7500[N2]/50/90:1.0/0 | V7500[N2]/64/90:2/0 | V7500[N3]/64/90:5.4/0

BSI PAS68:2010 Temporary Barrier
Vehicle Test Weight Vehicle Class Vehicle Speed (KPH) Vehicle Angle Vehicle Penetration (m) 25KG+ Dispersion (m)
V/1500KG M1 120 90 0.6 0.00
V/7500KG N2 50 90 1.0 0.00
V/7500KG N2 64 90 2.0 0.00
V/7500KG N3 64 90 5.4 0.00

This Publicly Available Specification (PAS) addresses the requirements of companies and organisations who want to guarantee that the perimeter vehicle barriers will provide the level of impact resistance they are aiming for.

PAS68 identifies impact test methods, tolerances, test vehicle type and vehicle performance criteria that need to be met to conform to PAS68.

  • Protection against vehicular attack, unauthorised vehicle access and explosive blast.
  • Flexible configurations – schemes can be designed to meet the needs of a wide range of site parameters.
  • Rapid deployment – units are transported on flatbed trucks for quick and easy unloading.
  • Security that blends with the environment-specific colour and traffic management options are available.
  • Impact and blast effect mitigation – the containment of concrete within the SYSTRA units prevents the formation of dangerous secondary projectiles.
  • Ballistics tested for BR7 for 7.62mm A.P and 12.7mm (0.5cal) A.P with no spall to BS EN 1063.

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