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The element of surprise in effective security systems

The element of surprise in effective security systems

27th April 2017

As you may be aware, intruders and criminals sometimes attempt to use unexpected strategies to enter premises or sites unlawfully. However, you may not realise that you can also use the element of surprise to your advantage. In fact, it can be a potent security tool. Here at Zaun, we believe that you can repel prospective intruders more effectively by deploying security techniques and apparatus that they aren’t expecting. Simply put, would-be intruders can’t plan for security measures that they can’t anticipate. Therefore, we’d like to help you utilise the element of surprise to boost your security by giving you the benefit of our expertise.

1. Covert surveillance and alarm systems

Most prospective intruders will expect you to monitor your site or premises using CCTV cameras. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t catch them off-guard using covert surveillance and alarms systems. If you have several obvious CCTV cameras and alarms located around your premises, prospective intruders will naturally feel confident that they know the location of every camera and alarm. That means that you can outfox them by also deploying hidden cameras and alarms. Intruders won’t expect you to have this secondary monitoring-and-alarm system, so they’re bound to be caught out by it. If an intruder trips a hidden alarm, they may even panic, giving your security personnel a better chance of catching them.

2. Shocking perimeter options

If you run a high-security site or premises, you may use two layers of perimeter fencing instead of just one. Have you considered electrifying the inner layer? If the outer layer isn’t electrified, intruders won’t usually expect the inner layer to be. If an intruder manages to get past the outer layer of security fencing, they’ll assume they can use the same techniques to breach the inner one. They’ll get a nasty surprise when they discover that they can’t touch it without being shocked. It is highly unlikely intruders will get past the electrified fencing layer because they simply won’t be prepared to deal with it. However, you should be aware that electrified fencing isn’t viable in all situations. Only deploy this security measure if you’re confident that innocent passersby and people who have a legitimate reason for being on-site won’t come into contact with it accidentally.

3. Unseen security personnel

We recommend having security personnel at your site or premises overnight… but there’s no reason for prospective intruders to know about them! By ensuring that your security staff don’t advertise their presence, you can give them the best chance of catching intruders unawares. This security measure is most effective when your security personnel have access to a covert on-site surveillance system (as described in point one).

Here at Zaun, we can provide you with overt and covert security measures that will help you surprise and outfox intruders, no matter how wily they are. Contact us today for more information.