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How to Make A Long-Lasting Security Fence

How to Make A Long-Lasting Security Fence

09th May 2017

Here at Zaun, we believe that security fencing solutions should be designed to last for decades. Consequently, we aim to ensure that all our perimeter fencing options are sturdy enough to last for as long as you need them. But how do we ensure that our fences have the required longevity? There are actually several answers to this question, which we’ll enumerate and explain in today’s blog entry.

1. Perfecting the design process

Even if a fence is manufactured and installed to the highest standards, it won’t last long if it isn’t well designed. Clearly, security fences need to be designed to cope with stress, pressure and even violent impacts. However, they should also be designed to cope well with wear and tear. Therefore, the shape and structure of each fencing panel need to help it deal with everyday wear and tear. Ergo, all our permanent fencing options are designed to endure. Therefore, during the design phase, the shapes and structures of our fences are chosen for their resilience and durability.

2. Practising impeccable manufacturing

The most obvious way we guarantee the longevity of our fences involves the manufacturing process. Simply put, we only use high-quality materials that we know can hold up under stress. We also aim to prevent structural imperfections from cropping up during the process.

3. Building on a strong base

A few of our fencing solutions can be deployed without burying fence posts or digging bases into the ground. However, most are designed to be embedded in the ground using deep fence posts or strong bases. Bases and fence posts need to be deep and fixed in place using strong concrete to ensure that they can support the weight of the fence panels above them. By creating strong bases and making sure our fence posts reach an adequate depth, we can ensure that our fences will be supported for years.

4. Caring about every bolt and screw

A fence is only as strong as the fixtures and fittings that hold it together. Using high-quality bolts, screws and other fittings, we can ensure that each fencing panel is held together and connected to its neighbours properly, thereby maximising the fence’s lifespan.

5. Coating

Finally and most importantly is coating. Ensuring the correct level of coating has been specified for the right site. For example, if the fence is near the coast, it is important that duplex marine coating has been considered to ensure the right level of coating and adhesion has been applied so that the fencing will be able to cope with salty air, which may speed up the corrosion levels.

Having an impregnable security fence is important for any large business or organisation. However, having a security fence that will remain impregnable for decades is even more beneficial. So if you want a security fence with a long lifespan, get in touch with Zaun today.