Prisons & Mental Health Units

Perforated Fencing and Gates

Perforated Fencing and Gates: A Secure and Stylish Upgrade

Welded Mesh Fencing

4 of the best uses for mesh fencing

358 Anti-Climb Mesh Fencing

What makes HiSec 358 anti-climb?

Calming Fencing for Patients in MHU Mental Health Units

Fencing to Calm Patients in MHU

High Security Louvre System

Innovative High Security Privacy Louvre System

Choosing the right mesh fencing wire mesh panels

How to choose the right wire mesh panels

benefits of weld mesh fencing

Welded mesh fencing: What are the key benefits?

Vital Fence Toppings

What are fence toppings and why are they vital?

Zaun HiSec-Prison-Fencing, Prison Mesh Prison Fence

How tall are prison fences?

woven mesh fencing

Welded vs woven mesh fencing

mental health facility

Why is security fencing essential for any mental health facility?

fence topping

What fence topping should you use?