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How tall are prison fences?

How tall are prison fences?

28th April 2020

There are many sites where quality security fencing is essential. From airports to schools and military sites, having the right fencing is key to keeping intruders out and those inside safe. One location that also must have robust perimeter fencing is prisons. This stops prisoners from escaping into the community and helps stop contraband being delivered to inmates, and protects the prison itself from attack.

Of course, there are many things to consider when thinking of installing effective prison fencing. For example, one question many have is the height of which fencing should be.

How tall are prison fences?

Any security fencing installed on UK prison grounds must be done by a supplier that the Ministry of Justice approves and manufactured to a spec they approve of. Although it can be higher in some special cases, the standard height for most MoJ approved prison fencing is 5.2 metres. This is naturally tall enough to deter inmates from climbing it or for unauthorised people to get in. This 5.2-metre height also makes it hard to throw over any contraband into prison grounds for inmates to collect at a later date.

What other features does MoJ-approved prison fencing have?

Now we have answered ‘How tall are prison fences?’, it is also worth thinking about what other features this kind of security measure usually has. You will normally find that it is made to a welded mesh design with galvanised steel wire for extra strength. This makes it tough enough to be outside in all weathers while also being very hard to cut through. The mesh prison fencing includes a normally close mesh which makes it hard for people to scale. When you also factor in that other features like fence toppings and PID systems can be used with this type of fencing, it is easy to see what it delivers in terms of security.

Top-class prison fences from Zaun

Here at Zaun, we are an approved Ministry of Justice manufacturer and supplier of prison fencing. Our superior spec 358 welded mesh prison panels offer durability and outstanding features to keep prison grounds safe. Get in touch today on 01902 796699 for more details.