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Five reasons your sports business should use mesh fencing

Five reasons your sports business should use mesh fencing

13th November 2018

When you run a sports business, you want to ensure that players and spectators are safe. While you can utilise security staff with the help of technology, this is not enough in many cases. In fact, mesh fencing should be used in your sports business as the primary protection for players and spectators, as well as for your business.

Here are five reasons mesh fencing is a good investment for your sports business.

1. It protects spectators

There are often many spectators at outdoor 5-a-side football pitches. These fans are looking to enjoy the game without risk to themselves. Yet a ball hit slightly wrong but hard can fly into a spectator and hurt them.

By providing mesh fencing between the outdoor 5-a-side football pitches and spectators, you’re protecting them from injury should something happen.

2. It makes games more fluid

Whether it’s basketball, football or field hockey, a ball going off the pitch (or court) can slow down a game, especially if it travels a long distance. Mesh fencing, however, stops out of play balls going too far and allows players to retrieve them quickly and get on with the game.

While this might sound small, it helps with player satisfaction, as they aren’t waiting for long periods for the ball’s return.

3. It protects the pitch

When your business isn’t open, you’ll want to know that your facilities are secure. Unfortunately, mesh fencing is hard to break and climb. Therefore, if you have people who want to gain unauthorised access to your business’ facilities, they’ll have a tough time.

The same can be said if you expect trouble from spectators invading a pitch at an event. Mesh fencing can prevent pitch invasions that can cause serious issues in tournaments.

4. Separate rival fans

Sometimes rivalry will get the better of anyone, and, at sports games, it can be a real challenge to keep the peace. Yet mesh fencing can help to keep rival fans apart from each other. Unfortunately, in many football stadiums across the world, fans are kept apart thanks to mesh fencing.

If you don’t want permanent fencing, you can also use temporary mesh fencing to be more flexible.

5. Mesh fencing is cost-effective

Compared to other security measures for your sports business, mesh fencing is relatively cost-effective. Therefore, you can spend more investing in other parts of your business.

Even maintenance and repair, if and when it’s needed, is relatively inexpensive.

Mesh fencing is not about making your sports venue harder to use. It’s about making it safer and more enjoyable to play and spectate while at the same time being a cost-effective investment.

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