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When to choose permanent fencing over temporary fencing

When to choose permanent fencing over temporary fencing

10th November 2016

Temporary security fencing is ideal for most events. It can be set up at the start of your event and easily dismantled when it’s over. However, it isn’t suitable for every conceivable event. In some cases, it is better to invest in more long-term security solutions, regardless of how brief the event itself might be. If you are trying to decide whether to use temporary or permanent fencing for your event, we can help. We’ve come up with a list of criteria that should encourage you to opt for a more long-term solution. If your event fits all or most of these criteria, you should invest in permanent perimeter fencing.

1. Land ownership

Obviously, you can’t leave security fencing on somebody else’s land. However, if you own the land where your event is taking place, you have the option to leave your security fencing up permanently. If you do feel that you need tough, permanent security fencing, setting it up on your own land means you won’t have to worry about how to dismantle it after the event is over. You should factor this into your final decision.

2. Event regularity

Do you hold the same event regularly (for example, on an annual basis)? If so, you may wish to consider choosing a long-term fencing solution. Why should you go to the trouble of setting up new temporary fencing every time you host the event when you could secure the event site permanently instead? You should also think about this if you use the site to host multiple events throughout the year.

3. Significant security requirements

If your event is very high profile, you may feel that you need a particularly resilient and advanced security system. Temporary fencing is secure enough for most ordinary events, but some events (for example, those featuring political speakers or a large number of well-known celebrities) may require even greater levels of security. It’s generally easier to equip alarms, CCTV, electrified fencing options and other advanced security measures to permanent fencing than temporary fencing. This may affect your decision on which type of fencing to use.

Whether you decide to use temporary fencing or permanent perimeter fencing, we at Zaun can provide you with the perfect security solution. Take a look at our range of products today.