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Do you need a HVM system?

Do you need a HVM system?

28th April 2019

There are over 38.4 million vehicles in the UK alone, so it’s important to understand the threat some of them pose to your business’s security. Hostile Vehicle Mitigation systems are very effective at securing properties against vehicular attacks. However, some criminals may attempt to force their way into a site or premises by ramming the fencing perimeter with a vehicle, but a well-designed HVM system can stop them in their tracks. But does your business need one? HVM systems can help a wide variety of businesses, but it’s important to know if yours is one of them before investing in them. After all, Hostile Vehicle Mitigation can use up a significant percentage of an SME’s security budget. Luckily, there are several questions that you can answer to decide if you need HVM.

1. How isolated are your premises?

Premises located in towns and other areas with many vehicles are obviously at greater risk of vehicular attack than more isolated premises. If the site you need to protect is a customer-facing premise with many roads nearby, you should seriously consider installing an HVM system. However, if the site you need to protect is an isolated warehouse or office that isn’t easily accessible by vehicular means, you might not need HVM.

2. How straight are the roads around your premises?

Ramming a security fencing perimeter hard enough to break through requires a good deal of momentum. For criminals to launch a vehicular attack on your property, they need to be able to drive quickly at it in a straight line. If the roads around your premises are straight and are angled directly at your property, you might need an HVM system. However, if they are winding and circuitous, your property may be safe from a vehicular assault.

3. What is the total value of the items and equipment on your premises?

Vehicles are expensive. Even the most reckless criminals aren’t likely to risk destroying a car by ramming it through a security fence unless the value of the property they can steal is very high. So if you don’t keep a lot of high-value items on your premises, you may not need HVM to deter criminals. However, if you have a lot of expensive stock or equipment, you may come under attack from crooks with cars.

If you do need a Hostile Vehicle Mitigation system, we can help. Here at Zaun, we offer a wide selection of anti-vehicular security measures. But, of course, if you decide your security budget would be better spent on CCTV, fencing and other measures, we can provide these, too. Visit our product pages today to find out more.