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Why you need to commit to construction site security

Why you need to commit to construction site security

11th April 2017

Limiting access to your construction site is essential.

You’ll have heard the horror stories, and you’ll know that your construction site can be unbearably tempting to young children and to teenagers that want somewhere ‘cool’ to hang out. An unmanned construction site could be a secret den, an amazing skate park or a place to drink away from the watchful eyes of parents. Of course, it’s not an ideal situation, but it frequently happens, which can occasionally lead to tragedy.

Construction sites are also a temptation to criminals, who’ll know the value of any tools or pieces of equipment that you leave when your staff aren’t around. That scrap metal that you’ve left in a pile is an income source to a resourceful passer-by.

Many of the security issues on a construction site are not when your workers are busy. The risks happen when they’re at home having dinner and when your site is left completely unattended. CCTV is an important consideration, as is strong perimeter fencing.

When to set up your security fencing

Your security fencing should be there before you start work. Set it up in advance so that locals know what to expect and can see that the site is secured. This gives people time to get used to the fences and gives them and teenagers a bit of time to test their security. It’s good for them to get it out of their system!

Your mesh fencing should be there throughout your construction project. It should remain up for a short while after your workers have left the site. This gives you time to make sure that absolutely everything is safe.

Managing construction site crime risks

The security of your construction site is increased just by the presence of strong perimeter fencing. It’s a deterrent.

If it’s needed, your security fencing should be able to protect your site from the general public. If they can find a way in, they will. You must speak to the professionals here at Zaun for a tailored security fencing solution. Minimise the risk of trespassing by ensuring that your security fencing has been designed just for your construction site.