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Importance of a security fence on a construction site

Importance of a security fence on a construction site

30th July 2019

Theft of equipment and construction material is increasingly becoming an issue of concern for contractors. Construction material is usually left in plain sight where it is accessible to would-be criminals, and the lack of a national database to register all material compounds the problem.

The following are reasons why you should have security fencing on your construction site:

Legal reasons

You stand to be answerable if someone gets hurt on your site regardless of why they were there. Failing to secure a construction site is tantamount to neglect, and this counts as a crime. Having a fence around it, however, can save you from such unnecessary issues. If someone trespasses and gets injured, you can be assured that you are not responsible since you took the necessary measures to keep the site safe. Therefore, ensure that your site is fenced to avoid the legal complications that might result in case of accidents.

Safeguarding equipment

Construction equipment is quite valuable, and this makes it a target for criminals. Those who have the means of transporting it off the site can do so without the workers. Installing a fence around the site can safeguard your equipment and material from criminals and vandals.

Accidental intrusion

The public rarely considers the dangers that unfinished construction sites pose to them. In most cases, people wander onto a site unknowingly, maybe as they try to find a shortcut to their destinations. This makes them vulnerable to falling or sharp objects, which can result in injuries. If your site is in a populated area, you should always ensure it is fenced to keep the public safe.

Easy to work

A demarcated construction site keeps off people who might want to look as the workers go on with their work. It is not out of the ordinary to see curious individuals standing around a site to see how some of the machines operate. Without such distractions, constructors can do their job without being concerned about onlookers’ safety, making them more efficient and fast.

There is a myriad of reasons why every construction site should be fenced. However, failure to demarcate a site may have grave consequences, so every constructor should take the initiative to install a fence around a site.

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