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Importance of mesh fencing on construction sites

Importance of mesh fencing on construction sites

30th May 2019

Construction sites tend to become hazardous when safety and security are ignored. It is therefore essential to ensure you have the right fencing. There are different types of fencing, but mesh fencing is the most commonly used type of fencing around construction areas. Below we highlight why mesh fencing is important on construction sites.

Safety of workers and visitors

Construction sites can become hazardous as open ditches, large metal rods, and iron sheets can cause injuries to personnel and site visitors. Erecting mesh fences around the construction area can help prevent injuries which can lead to legal issues.

Safety of property

Security fencing, especially around the perimeter of a site, is crucial for construction site security as it helps reduce financial losses created by the theft of construction materials. Fences will prevent opportunistic criminals from gaining access to the site vandalising or stealing equipment.


Mesh fences are effective yet incredibly cost-effective. Having a cost-effective fence is very important as most construction projects are done under a tight budget. This makes mesh fences ideal for projects of all sizes, as even small construction projects can afford mesh fencing.

Adhere to safety requirements and health safety

Different construction projects have specific rules and regulations on health and safety requirements. These laws are quite easy to adhere to, but you have to make sure you understand what is required of you to keep your workers safe and avoid legal trouble. For example, if you want to avoid penalisation from the council, a simple mesh fence around the perimeter of a construction site could go a long way to ensure your site ticks a couple of safety requirement boxes.

Make the most of your fence.

Fences can not only be used to stop intruders but can also be used to place notices for employees and also place an advertisement for your construction work, helping to attract more clients.

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