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Why fencing in schools is important

Why fencing in schools is important

05th September 2019

We often hear the phrase “at the school gates” in talks among parents. The well-known routine for parents is to gather or even queue at a large gate to wait for a school official to open the heavy lock and usher them into the playground. After the children are dispatched or collected, the gates close again. Late children must enter through the office – a separate entrance entirely.

Why does nearly every school have a high wall and a locked gate?

It can seem daunting or even off-putting for an institution for children to have a visual security defence resembling a locked facility. But with the dangers to children and learning facilities reported worldwide, it is more important than ever to safeguard children. A high fence and locked gate provide a visual deterrent, so it’s clear that accessing the children is not as simple as walking onto the playground. Parents have peace of mind that their children are safe when out of their presence. It also offers a level of comfort for staff, knowing that their jobs are made easier when the safety of many children is in their hands. No one can walk onto or off the school property unless they sign a logbook through the office entrance.

Fencing in schools – safeguarding and vandalism prevention

In addition to safeguarding children during the school day, a security fence and gate protect the school grounds from vandals during hours when the school is closed. Once again, the visual deterrent is usually enough to prevent would-be intruders from entering to damage or deface the school property. It also stops stray and feral animals from wandering onto the grounds.

A neat, well-maintained enclosure can improve the look of the school.

Fencing in schools clearly defines the school grounds as a place for learning and safety, and children, staff and parents can take confidence and pride in their school. To avoid the impression of a dark, oppressive space, the fence can be installed in attractive colours and styles that reflect the values and culture of the school. For tips on selecting a fencing system for your school, see our blog post, What you need to consider when choosing school fencing.