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Choosing the right school fence

Choosing the right school fence

05th December 2017

Although schools aren’t considered high-security facilities, they do require a significant level of security measures. With many schools catering for hundreds of students, they must be fully secure when on school premises and cannot come to any harm.

As well as ensuring student welfare, school security measures need to be effective in protecting the school building and its assets. Often prone to vandals, schools can easily face thousands of pounds worth of damage if unauthorised visitors gain access to the property.

It’s essential, therefore, that schools and local authorities put effective security measures into place. For example, when choosing a school fence, they may opt for a robust perimeter fence and mesh cages to protect certain parts of the property.

Maintaining restricted areas

Although students are typically allowed into most areas in the school, some parts of the site need to remain restricted to staff only.

Restricted areas, such as maintenance and bin stores, could cause harm if students were able to access them. Using specialist storage with welded mesh infill can, therefore, protect students and equipment alike.

Incorporating sports fencing into a school site

As many schools and colleges have sports facilities on-site, it’s important to secure them appropriately. For example, whilst children may want to access courts and pitches outside of school hours, it could be dangerous for them to play unsupervised. Due to this, schools are required to take appropriate action and secure these types of areas.

With a range of options available, various types of sports facilities can be provided with security fencing. For example, basketball courts, tennis courts, and even baseball cages are made to offer protection to players and spectators and provide a secure playing environment.

Whilst individual courts can be introduced via fencing; a complete sports solution can also be provided. The Colosseum sport system, for example, is a multi-use games area and ensures that various sports can be played in one area. For schools limited on space or colleges that wish to give students access to a range of facilities, a multi-use games area may be the ideal solution.

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