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Securing restricted areas while keeping your site accessible

Securing restricted areas while keeping your site accessible

17th October 2017

Securing restricted areas, an entire site or premises often requires great care and meticulous planning. After all, it’s important not to leave any gaps or weaknesses in the perimeter. Ironically, however, it can sometimes be trickier to secure a smaller restricted area on a site that is otherwise meant to be highly accessible.

If you need to secure a restricted area on your business or organisation’s site, you must overcome two unique challenges. Firstly, you need to secure the restricted area without impeding access to the rest of your site or premises. Secondly, you need to make sure your security measures are discreet to avoid drawing too much attention to the area from less trustworthy visitors and employees.

In today’s blog, we’ll give you some easy to follow tips for securing a restricted area on your site and overcoming these challenges.

1. Choose railings

Security fencing is fantastic for protecting entire sites or premises. However, when protecting a specific area on a site, you should opt for something a little less imposing. This will help keep the restricted area discreet without drastically reducing its level of security. We suggest using railings. Railings often blend in better than security fences in environments that aren’t heavily secured. However, they still block off access to specific areas very effectively.

2. Utilise pedestrian gates or turnstiles

If possible, you should consider making your restricted area accessible only through pedestrian gates or turnstiles. Vehicular gates naturally require more room (which means that they can obstruct access to other parts of your site) and are less discreet. In contrast, secure pedestrian entrances are both space-efficient and unobtrusive.

3. Provide clear routes around the restricted area

The easiest way to make sure your site feels accessible and that your restricted area goes unnoticed is to provide clear routes through your site. Simply signposting the way around the restricted area or creating a clearly delineated path will usually keep visitors away from areas they’re not meant to enter.

By following these simple tips, you can secure a restricted area on your site without drawing attention to it or interfering with the way visitors access the rest of the site. At Zaun, we also have a range of other discreet security measures, like CCTV cameras and small alarm systems, that you can use, so check out our products or get in touch with us today.