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Entrance Security – Boosting security

Entrance Security – Boosting security

14th February 2017

Every security perimeter has an aperture that prospective intruders can exploit, regardless of how well-designed and carefully assembled that perimeter is. The aperture that we’re referring to is, of course, the entrance and exit gates. You can’t surround your site with a completely impenetrable wall of security fencing because you and other authorised personnel need to be able to access it freely.

Ergo, your site’s perimeter will be broken by an entrance and exit gate at some point. Unfortunately, intruders and miscreants may identify this gate as a weak point and try to use it to breach your perimeter. However, there’s no need to worry too much. You can use methods to ensure that the entrance or exit to your site is as secure as the rest of your site.

1. Invest in a top-tier security gate

Here at Zaun, we offer various security gates, many of which are incredibly resilient and can resist intruders as effectively as security fencing. We offer both manual and automated security gates, so you can choose the type that suits your perimeter best. The first step towards ensuring your entrance or exit is secure is refusing to settle for an ordinary gate; invest in a Zaun security gate instead.

2. Alarm your gate and fit it with CCTV

Intruders are less likely to try to force open a gate, pick its lock or otherwise open it unlawfully if they know they’re being filmed or if they might set off an alarm. What’s more, monitoring your security with CCTV and alarming means that you will know immediately if someone does try to breach it. You can then send security personnel to deal with the intruder.

3. Ensure the gate is well-lit

Miscreants, criminals and other intruders want to avoid being seen as they try to break into secured sites. Therefore, simply lighting up the area around your gate can make it much less attractive to prospective intruders who don’t wish to be seen by passers-by or your employees.

Following these three tips can boost the security of your entrance or exit instantly. If you’d like any more help securing parts of your perimeter, please get in contact with Zaun.