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How to deal with an unexpected security crisis

How to deal with an unexpected security crisis

29th January 2018

Even the best security systems need to be replaced or upgraded eventually. If you plan to replace your security system carefully, the transition can be achieved smoothly without compromising your site or premises’ level of protection. But what can you do if your security solution fails or breaks suddenly? For example, if your perimeter fencing unexpectedly collapses or is breached by an intruder, your site or premises could be left undefended until you find an adequate replacement. Likewise, if your CCTV or alarm system fails, you may not be able to monitor the area adequately. Luckily, we at Zaun understand that security crises can occur at any time, so we’ve created a series of helpful tips that will help you protect your site or premises in the event of a sudden security failure.

1. Deploy temporary fencing

If a gap appears in your perimeter, you need to plug it in as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, permanent fencing solutions can take time to install. However, while you have a more long-term solution manufactured and installed, you can utilise temporary fencing. Temporary fencing can be deployed almost instantly, meaning it can be used to replace fallen or damaged security fence panels quickly.

2. Store valuables in mesh cages

If your CCTV or alarm system fails, thereby making it impossible to monitor all the property on your site fully, you will need to find a fast and effective way to protect that property. Unfortunately, new cameras and alarms usually can’t be deployed instantly. In the meantime, we recommend investing in mesh storage cages. You can use them to store items of high value that you can’t currently monitor. Mesh cages are very difficult to break into and can offer a degree of protection for valuable property when it is impossible to keep an eye on it. We also recommend storing the mesh cages in locked rooms for additional protection.

3. Hire additional security personnel

Sometimes, the simplest way to protect a compromised site or premises is to hire extra security personnel. Their presence will deter most criminals.

If your security system fails suddenly, the advice we’ve given in today’s blog will help you protect your premises and property from intruders until you can have a new system fitted. But, of course, if you want to avoid sudden security failures in the future, we suggest you opt for a Zaun security solution. We pride ourselves on creating reliable fencing, CCTV systems, alarms and other hardware.