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Should your site be surveyed before installing a new security solution?

Should your site be surveyed before installing a new security solution?

25th January 2018

Choosing high-quality, well-designed perimeter fencing and other apparatus is vitally important if you want your security system to succeed. However, it’s worth noting that the locale and layout of your site or premises can impact the efficacy of fencing and other security measures. Having your premises or site surveyed allows you to have a bespoke security solution designed that works perfectly with your locale and layout. In some cases, having your site surveyed may be essential. You may be wondering what the core advantages of site surveying are and whether you need to have your site surveyed before purchasing fencing or other security equipment. We’ll answer both of these questions in today’s blog entry.

1. Providing a general assessment

If you haven’t previously installed a comprehensive security solution around your site, you may not know your security requirements. If this is the case, having your site surveyed can provide you with a reliable assessment of its needs. However, if you upgrade or replace an old security solution, you are probably already aware of your security requirements. However, it’s still advisable to have your site surveyed as you may uncover security requirements that have developed recently or which you previously overlooked.

2. Estimating costs

Having your site surveyed can give you a clear idea of how much a new security system is likely to cost. If you have to work within a limited budget, it is essential to have your site surveyed. However, even if you have a huge budget, it’s a good idea to have your site surveyed. After all, you probably want to know how much you’re going to have to spend.

3. Limiting unpleasant surprises

No two sites or premises are the same. As we’ve mentioned in other blog entries, some sites have features that intruders can take advantage of to breach your perimeter. One of the key advantages of site surveying is that it gives you the chance to uncover these features and explore ways that your finished security system can compensate for them. If your site or premises is situated in a particularly unusual locale with many peculiar features, we strongly recommend having your site surveyed in case any of them represent security risks.

Here at Zaun, we’re happy to survey any site and offer recommendations regarding security requirements before you commit to purchasing any security apparatus from us. So if you want to have your site surveyed before installing a new security solution, contact us today.