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Why is a site survey essential before installing security fencing?

Why is a site survey essential before installing security fencing?

25th November 2021

If you need to have perimeter fencing installed on your site, it is easy to rush into having it done quickly to enjoy the protection this fencing offers. However, it is best to pause a little though and carry out a site survey first. This is where the company that install the fencing for you inspect your site before starting work.

But why is a site survey so important to carry out in advance?

It helps to clarify the security level needed.

While most organisations that invest in fencing will do so to make their site more secure, not all need the same level of protection. A highly confidential site such as a prison, for example, has different needs than an SME on a local business park. A site survey looks at your organisation specifically to see what possible external threats you may face and which type of fencing/additions are best to use. This will ensure you get perimeter fencing which does the job but without being over the top.

Delivers the right look

As perimeter fencing is visible to the public, staff and visitors, how it looks is important. Fencing which does not look aesthetically pleasing, for example, will not inspire clients to come on-site to see you or see staff enjoying working there. A site survey allows you to look at what options there are in fencing and select the shape/colour/design you like best.

It gives an idea of the cost.

Any organisation which is thinking of erecting high-security fencing will have an eye on their budget. This makes pinning down how much fencing may cost vital. A site survey is handy because it allows you to speak with the company installing your fencing and let them know how much you have to spend. This then ensures they come back with a solution that fits your budget and avoids wasted time.

Contact Zaun today to book your site survey.

At Zaun, we first conduct a site survey when contracted to install security fencing. As the above shows, it is a vital first step in any project because it allows us to deliver your desired results. So contact us at [email protected] today to book your site survey.