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Is it time to fit electric fencing?

Is it time to fit electric fencing?

19th August 2021

Among the most effective forms of perimeter fencing are electrified options that can create a barrier that is physical and psychological. The potential threat of receiving a serious shock can be a powerful deterrent that keeps all but the most determined attackers from attempting infiltration.

If you’re currently considering bolstering your onsite defences with electric fencing, read on for some important factors that may influence your decision.

What are your security requirements?

Ask yourself what level of security you need. If your location stores products of high value, critical data, essential services or protects high-profile individuals, high security is paramount, as the type of criminal attention you’ll attract will be professional. If this sounds like your site, an electrified solution is a smart move to step up your security.

On the other hand, if your fencing requirements are for a local business with no history of attracting unwanted attention and no expensive assets onsite, electrical fencing may be excessive. However, if you feel electric fencing could provide you with greater peace of mind, trust your own judgement on the subject.

Where are you based?

Look at your location and how it is staffed. Properties that are based in isolated areas and are unmanned overnight can find electrified fencing highly suitable. Unlike built-up areas that see a lot of traffic, trespassers on remote sites are less likely to be spotted by public members and reported. This means that having premium perimeter defences in place is exceptionally advantageous.

However, in heavily populated areas, electric fencing is not always ideal. Even with the clearest signage, there is still a chance of accident or injury if individuals stumble into this type of security solution. Unless you can prevent such incidents from occurring, select another form of security fencing for your premises.

Security solutions to suit your needs

If you decide electric fencing isn’t right for your site, at Zaun, we have a wide range of fence toppings you can choose from to enhance your perimeter. Get in touch today for advice and support.