TriProtect Perimeter Security Fencing

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TriSecure Integrated Perimeter Security
TriSecure Integrated Perimeter Security
Made In Britain

A complete perimeter security fencing solution. The TriProtect system, developed as a secure perimeter protection solution, is used to protect high-security sites.

This perimeter security fencing solution is a 2.4-metre high security mesh fencing system (HiSec 358HiSec Super 6HiSec Super 10 or also ArmaWeave are recommended). But, first, creating a physical high-security perimeter barrier. This barrier is usually 2.4 metres above ground and 300mm below for anti-burrow.

The perimeter security fencing solution also includes our perimeter intrusion detection system. Applied to the high-security mesh fencing and detects cutting, climbing and also penetration of the security fence.

A 1.2 metre high enhanced electrified topping is also applied to the top of the security fence—an impenetrable anti-climb deterrent and detection topping system.

The TriProtect perimeter security fencing solution, typically designed and constructed with 50-metre PIDS zones. Or also available following the site CCTV / security specification zone requirements.

This high-security perimeter fencing solution is combined with perimeter intrusion detection systems. Fully controlled and monitored by the security management system for total perimeter security and an early warning of unauthorised access of the protected perimeter.

Proven Perimeter Security Fencing Design

This electronic security system design is successfully used to protect many high security and high profile sites. Most famous being the Olympic Stadium, for the London 2012 Olympics. Where the total protected perimeter length was 17.5 Km with 50-metre detection zones plus individual gate zones.

System Construction

Using ArmaWeave, a high tensile steel woven mesh creates a very high-security barrier that is extremely difficult to cut, penetrate or climb whilst still providing good visibility through the fence. The fabric of the fence, fully protected against attempts to penetrate and climb the fence by the PID system. An enhanced electrified topping provides an effective deterrent and detection of high-security topping.

The construction of the host fencing and gates requires only minor modifications for the installation of the system. The sensor cable supplied is enclosed within a high security flexible stainless steel conduit and secured to the fencing using stainless steel sensor ties. The fence posts and strain posts, constructed during the manufacture with nut insets ready for installation of the high-security topping. Strain posts, fabricated from 80 x 80 x 5 mm RHS with nut inserts ready to install the strain components.

High security, security management system utilises a fault-tolerant data loop for optimum security and complete status monitoring and control of the PIDs and electric fence topping.

  • A total perimeter protection solution
  • High-security fencing, electric fencing and perimeter intrusion detection
  • Provides your site with a high-security perimeter solution
  • Available with your choice of perimeter fencing solutions
  • Reduced false alarm rate
  • Maximum detection performance
  • Reduced cost for overall system
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Simple and easy integration

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