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Zaun truly leads the field to temporary fencing solutions, temporary security options, and overlay for high-profile conferences, music festivals, gigs, and major sporting events.

We have delivered bespoke temporary fencing schemes for some of the most prestigious world events such as the London 2012 Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games 2014, G8, Nuclear Security Summit and Party Conferences, to name a few.

Our innovative temporary security fencing product developments, available in several forms, including high-security HVM and rapid deployment systems, have attracted unparalleled praise from police and security experts and have won a string of industry awards.

Our range is temporary fencing systems are designed to be quickly and easily installed on the ground without the need for anchoring and available with a variety of mesh fencing options, depending upon what the level of security of the site is required – ensuring a bespoke and budget compliant solution can be found.

Temporary Fencing Enhanced with PAS 68

We can supply PAS 68 enhancements for when hostile vehicle mitigation is needed. In addition, our systems are available to rent or buy, offering the ultimate in temporary security but at an affordable price.

You can’t afford anything less than guaranteed security from a name you can trust when the global media spotlight is on your event.