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Roof Netting
Roof Netting
BS1722 Part 14 Compliant
Zaun NBS Plus
Made In Britain

Zaun’s roof netting is ideal for use above MUGA’s (Multi-Use Games Areas)that require ball retention, such as a rooftop MUGA, or for pitches or courts in areas where balls leave the could cause problems for the surrounding area.

The netting roof can be fitted directly to the top of the steel fencing or can be supplied with netting vertical sides above the steel fence to increase the height of the roof.

The netting is attached to tensioned cables running across the court. The cables require carefully designed posts as the loads imposed can be very high. With some basic details of your site, size and height, Zaun can calculate the tension required in cables and posts sizes and quickly tell you if the scheme is feasible. In addition, we can let you know how much sag to expect.

We will design for maximum longevity, where the court layout allows we will reinforce the netting where it contacts the net. This will increase the life of the netting. In addition, the cables will be plastic coated to reduce damage to the net from rubbing with the wires. The knotless netting is hard wearing and has a breaking strain of approximately 125kg (3mm) per mesh but is still soft to the touch.

Suitable for various sports and applications, including schools, leisure centres and professional sports pitches and courts.

Roof netting is ideal to be used to complement our range of sports fencing products, including Duo SportsSuper Rebound & Tennis, which enhance the sports pitch and completes a full ball retention pitch or court.

What Netting is Available?

The sports that are typically played on the MUGA will determine the size of netting that is required. For example, 3mm diameter mesh netting with 100mm x 100mm apertures would be suitable for ball games such as football or basketball.

However, for games with smaller balls, such as tennis or cricket, then 2.3mm diameter mesh netting with 40mm x 40mm apertures.

Both netting types are manufactured with high tenacity polypropylene and UV protected and weather resistant. The edges are reinforced and stitched with a 5-7mm cord around the full perimeter of the net, which has overlocked edges to provide additional strength and durability.

Netting can be supplied in green, black, white.

How do we know what size posts are required?

Zaun can easily calculate the size of post required to support roof netting. All we need is the size of the MUGA and the amount of sag required for the netting above.

  • Increases ball retention within a pitch or court
  • Stops unwanted balls in surrounding areas
  • Available in 2 sizes, which are designed to stop balls, depending on the type of fencing that is being installed

CPD Material

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