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Sports MUGA Fencing

Zaun has always been known within the sports world as one of the pioneers in the UK to change the way that sports pitches were designed. Zaun’s innovative designs and creations at the beginning are still being used today. Zaun has actively been moving the industry away from traditional chain link sports pitches to much more rigid and suitable welded mesh fencing systems, which a more commonly used today.

The Zaun welded mesh fencing systems play a huge variety of sports, providing users with improved gameplay experiences and site owners with a sports area that lasts with minimum maintenance.

What is a MUGA?

The term “MUGA” is used a lot within the industry, but if you are in education you may not be so familiar with what the term actually means. MUGA actually stands for Multi-Use Games Area, usually manufactured from artificial grass, and incorporate the different pitch marking required to accommodate a number of sports, all on the same pitch. Thus increasing the number of activities that may be played on the MUGA without the expense of providing different pitches and courts.

What Sports Can Be Played?

Pretty much any sport you can think of maybe played on a MUGA, including professional and training games. MUGAs can be designed for all ages, from Primary school children to secondary, adult and professional games.

Advantages of a MUGA

MUGAs are designed to assists schools, councils and leisure centres in making the most of limited space and budgets. Rather than having multiple pitches, which cost money to install and maintain, they can have one area that is designed for multiple sports.

Multiple sports in one area saving on space and installation costs

Strong and rigid fencing panels, reduce maintenance costs

Easy to maintain, and replace damaged fencing panels

Improved gameplay for the participants

Increased visibility & security

Types of Sports MUGA Fencing

Zaun’s in-house design and manufacturing capabilities have ensured that we can provide our customers with sports fencing that suit the sport that is being played. From rebound fencing, designed to withstand repeated strikes of the ball against the fence. Tennis fencing, with slightly reduced apertures, to stop the tennis ball from going through. And Hockey fencing with increased wires in locations that are likely to strike by the ball repetitively.

If you are designing a MUGA but are unsure what fencing to use, feel free to contact us and ask for our advice.

What Goal Ends Can I Use?

Zaun has a wide range of cost-effective Goal Ends, which has been designed over the years. Suitable for a wide range of sports, including football, basketball and hockey. Our Goal Ends may be designed for primary school children with smaller goals and basketball hoops at a lower height or secondary education with larger goals or even professional size with recessed fence lines to fit removable goals. Whatever the requirement, we have the solution.

Additional MUGA Options

In addition to the number of MUGA pitch fencing options that are available, Zaun also manufactures some additional extras to further enhance the sports MUGA experience. Improving usability, gameplay experience, safety and aesthetics.

Why choose a Zaun MUGA?

There are many reasons to choose Zaun manufactured MUGAs and sports fencing for your sports club or sports facility compared to our competitors. Products are of high quality, easy to install & maintain, proven track record and 100% manufactured in the UK. But for your clients and end-users, it can be those little extras that make all the difference.

One main difference for Zaun is that ALL of our sports fencing and sports MUGA fencing are supplied with EPDM inserts, which dramatically reduces noise and rattle for neighbours and surrounding areas by around 29% compared to standard sports fencing. For more information on noise reduction, click here.


Zaun manufactures high-quality fencing systems to suit a wide variety of markets around the world. Zaun’s manufacturing capabilities include metal railings, welded mesh and woven mesh fencing systems. From low-level perimeter demarcation for schools and playgrounds to high security, multi-layered fencing systems for prisons, MOD and sites of critical national importance (CNI).