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MUGA enhancements to improve your MUGA

MUGA enhancements to improve your MUGA

24th February 2021

To help improve the functionality and visual aspects of your Multi-Use Games Area (MUGA) court/pitch, Zaun offers several MUGA enhancements and below are the top four you need to improve yours.

1. Netting

Zaun offers three types of netting to help make the most of your MUGA. These are Ball Stop Netting, Divider Netting and Roof Netting. These add-ons help to improve the ways you can use your space. The Ball stop and Roof Netting are both aimed at stopping sports balls from escaping the area. This would be great for areas where balls are likely to be repeatedly hit or rebound, particularly during sports like football, basketball or cricket, where the ball can bounce unpredictably after shots/bowls/blocks. The Divider Netting is extremely useful in maximising the potential of a space. A divider Netting allows the MUGA to split and create smaller areas so multiple games/courts can be used simultaneously. Zaun can supply a range of netting sizes for all your MUGA netting needs.

2. Bespoke Laser Cut Shapes

Zaun offers an option to add Bespoke Lazer Cut Shapes to your MUGA fencing. This can be used in various ways, from adding a logo to improving the visual aesthetic of the area. This can help make the fencing more visually pleasing and is an ideal addition to most areas.

3. Integrated Floodlight Posts

This is a great way to save money and optimise the space available. Rather than pay extra to have floodlight posts set up around your space, Zaun can integrate them into your fencing. Not only is this cost-effective, but it also means there is no need for large posts that get in the way around the area. As well as this, Integrated Floodlight Posts mean that the MUGA can be used even when it starts to get dark, allowing for more activities to be scheduled in the space.

4. Curved Corners

This visual aspect of the MUGA improves the overall look whilst also allowing for a more natural rebound of a ball compared to a sharp corner.

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