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What is a MUGA?

What is a MUGA?

24th March 2020

A Multi-Use Games Area (MUGA) is an outdoor facility designed for different sports and activities. Usually, in the form of a court with sturdy, high perimeter fencing, a MUGA is often used for sports such as football, netball, basketball or tennis, or for activities such as outdoor fitness classes.

The surface will often be basic concrete, but more modern MUGAs will have AstroTurf, 3G or 4G surfaces, making them safer, more functional, and demanding higher hourly rental prices.

What can MUGAs be used for?

As mentioned, the most common usages for MUGAs in the UK include football, tennis, basketball and netball.

Depending on the size of the facility, it is sometimes possible for multiple sports to be played simultaneously, separated by netting or for increased safety, double skin fencing.

Importance of getting the right fencing

Several different types of fencing can be used for MUGAs, so it is important to consider the type of activity the area will most likely be used for.

For example, a MUGA used for netball or tennis probably doesn’t require as sturdy a perimeter fence as one used for football, as it won’t be required to withstand as high a level of impact.

So if you require sports fencing suitable for football, or where you think football may be played at some point, it’s worth investing in suitable fencing with a thicker metal structure to ensure safety and longevity.

If you have a large facility where several sports could be played simultaneously, double skin fencing will help separate pitches and keep players and spectators.

How much will MUGA fencing cost?

Fencing for a MUGA can vary greatly in price depending on the specifications required. The height (likely you will want tall fencing for an area used for ball sports) and type will affect the price, and obviously, fencing for a larger facility will be more than that required for a smaller single-pitch facility.

Speak to Zaun’s friendly team, who will be able to give you advice and answer any questions, as you decide on the best fencing for your multi-use games area.