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No perimeter or physical security solution is complete without a fence or security toppings. Fence toppings are proven to provide a further visible deterrent for attacking a perimeter fence line against potential intruders or unauthorised guests.

Through our wealth of experience in providing perimeter security solutions for both sports and high-security sectors, Zaun can assist in specifying the most appropriate solution to meet your security needs. Whether the requirement is to improve ball retention or to keep potential thieves, trespassers and vandals out, Zaun has the solution.

As Zaun are a manufacturer, we can incorporate within our post and panel systems additional security toppings to meet any security requirement from cranked and transitional panels to common electric or barbed wire solutions, our highly developed range will enable the correct solution to be supplied to meet your requirements and prevent intruder entry.

Our fence toppings are specifically designed for use on our range of fences and gates, either inside or outside the perimeter. These fence toppings will increase the levels of security against potential intruders, terrorists or vandals.

Please note the installation of some security toppings may require planning permission or Building Regulations approval.

What is a typical height of a security topping?

Typically a fence security topping should be installed at about 2 metres high or above; this ensures that the general public cannot be injured on the security toppings without specific intent.