Technical Specification Sheets

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Listed below are our Technical Specification Sheets, listed alphabetically by product range. Please click on any of the documents listed below to download them.

Advantage Tennis

Advantage Tennis 6 Datasheet.pdf / Advantage Tennis 8 Datasheet.pdf


ArmaWeave Datasheet.pdf


Axiom Datasheet.pdf

Bowtop Play

Bowtop Play Datasheet.pdf

Bowtop Urban

Bowtop Urban Datasheet.pdf


Bushberry Railings Datasheet.pdf


DualGuard Datasheet.pdf


Duo6 Clamp Datasheet.pdfDuo6 ZaunFix Datasheet.pdfDuo6L Clamp Datasheet.pdfDuo6L ZaunFix Datasheet.pdf


Duo8 Clamp Datasheet.pdfDuo8 ZaunFix Datasheet.pdfDuo8L Clamp Datasheet.pdfDuo8L ZaunFix Datasheet.pdf

Duo8 SR1

Duo8 SR1 Datasheet.pdf

Duo Sports

Duo6 Sports Datasheet.pdf / Duo8 Sports Datasheet

Duo Sports Lite

Duo6 Sports Lite Datasheet.pdf / Duo8 Sports Lite Datasheet.pdf


Gemini 6 Deep Concave Datasheet.pdf / Gemini 8 Deep Concave Datasheet.pdf / Gemini 6 Deep Convex Datasheet.pdf / Gemini 8 Deep Convex Datasheet.pdf / Gemini 6 Deep Wave Datasheet.pdf / Gemini 8 Deep Wave Datasheet.pdf / Gemini 6 Shallow Concave Datasheet.pdf / Gemini 8 Shallow Concave Datasheet.pdf / Gemini 6 Shallow Convex Datasheet.pdf / Gemini 8 Shallow Convex Datasheet.pdf / Gemini 6 Surf Datasheet.pdf / Gemini 8 Surf Datasheet.pdf


HiSec DualFix Datasheet.pdf / HiSec SingleFix Datasheet.pdf / HiSec Spider Datasheet.pdf

HiSec DualSkin

HiSec DualSkin Datasheet.pdf

HiSec SR1

HiSec SR1 Datasheet.pdf

HiSec Super 6

HiSec Super6 SingleFix Datasheet.pdfHiSec Super6 DualFix Datasheet.pdf

HiSec SR2

HiSec Super SR2 Datasheet.pdf


Hockey 200 Datasheet.pdfHockey 400 Datasheet.pdfHockey 400 Super Rebound Datasheet.pdfHockey BoardMesh Datasheet.pdf


MultiFence ArmaWeave Datasheet.pdfMultiFence HiSec Datasheet.pdfMultiFence HiSec Super 6 Datasheet.pdf

MultiFence PAS 68

MultiFence PAS68 ArmaWeave Datasheet.pdfMultiFence PAS68 HiSec Datasheet.pdfMultiFence PAS68 HiSec Super 6 Datasheet.pdf


RDS HiSec Datasheet.pdf


RDS PAS68 HiSec Datasheet.pdf

Spectator Rail

Duo6 Sports Spectator Rail Datasheet.pdf / Duo8 Sports Spectator Rail Datasheet.pdf / Hockey Spectator Rail Datasheet.pdf / Spectator Rail Datasheet.pdf / Super Rebound 6 Spectator Rail Datasheet.pdf / Super Rebound 8 Spectator Rail Datasheet.pdf

 Super Rebound

Super Rebound 6 Datasheet.pdf / Super Rebound 6L Datasheet.pdf / Super Rebound 8 Datasheet.pdf / Super Rebound 8L Datasheet.pdf


Zariba 6 ZaunFix Datasheet.pdf / Zariba 6 Clamp Datasheet.pdf / Zariba 8 ZaunFix Datasheet.pdf / Zariba 8 Clamp Datasheet.pdf