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How can fences help save public spaces?

How can fences help save public spaces?

21st March 2019

The true mark of quality for any highly-frequented space is how well maintained it is. But when managing sites that range over a wide area or are difficult to police, balancing security, maintenance and aesthetics can be a challenge.

So, here are some reasons why wire or custom security fencing can be a powerful value add when it comes to keeping sites secure and visitors safe in your public space. These include:

The protection of your property

If your site is suffering repeated security breaches, stepping up your perimeter security can produce significant savings in on-site maintenance. If this is a concern, spending a little more on a railing solution can prevent damage to key equipment such as exercise machines, flowerbeds, or on-site artworks and seating.

The prevention of vandalism

If the site is being visited by individuals of all ages and communities, having evident graffiti can be a huge problem. Wire fences can prevent intrusion on areas where graffiti or defacement is a risk, and the nature of the barrier prevents it from being written on, allowing you to keep your site pristine for longer.

Easy and inexpensive maintenance

Depending on the risk factor involved with space, a wire fence is easy to fix, inexpensive to maintain, and difficult to circumvent. If intrusion rather than deterrence is essential, your security can be increased in various ways, from non-intrusive cladding to fence toppers that balance durability and sustainability.

Keeping your desired aesthetic

Choosing non-intrusive security elements can help keep your site safe while still allowing visitors to enjoy their visit. In finding this balance, wire perimeter fencing can be the perfect halfway house, providing clear sightlines and resilience to cutting and blunt force damage.

If the ‘look’ of your site is still a concern, installing a bespoke fence can combine elegance and security – letting you fully customise the design by your area and nearby community. These can blend into the site’s background and easily provide a sense of security rather than becoming an eyesore, with transitional panels allowing you to help your design fit any dimensions required.

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