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Manchester United erect fence to ward of spying public

Manchester United erect fence to ward of spying public

15th October 2015

The world of football is often full of bizarre stories. Eccentric Manchester United manager Louis Van Gaal ensures that this tradition is carried on by declaring to the press that he will have a new fence built around the club’s training ground to increase overall security and ward off, among others paparazzi and spies from rival clubs.

Van Gaal announced this new perimeter fencing in a press conference last week, and it has been met with a mixed reaction both in the press and within the club’s hierarchy. The plan is for a giant, green canvas fence to be erected around the exterior of the club’s training ground, which would mean that the general public and press would no longer be able to watch training sessions, as they are allowed to do at the moment, with United’s permission. It would seal off the outdoor football pitches, as well as the training complex itself. This move comes as the club and the manager are looking to tighten up general security. Last month, United was forced to employ detectives to sweep the club hotel before a match at Liverpool due to a tip-off from the general public.

However, although this new perimeter fencing would conceal the training pitch from outsiders, some people in the club are worried that this will harm their commercial ventures. Currently, Manchester United is one of the world’s richest clubs, and most of their wealth is gained from interaction with fans. Some clubs are worried that this new giant fence will make the club less transparent and accessible to some fans. However, manager Van Gaal has ensured detractors that this will be necessary to protect the squad and the club from their rivals and the press and help focus their attention solely on the training sessions, which he hopes will improve performances on the pitch.

Work on the new security fencing has already begun at the training ground and should be finished before the end of the year.

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