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The fun of having good sports fencing

The fun of having good sports fencing

01st March 2018

When you think about fencing, your first thought may not immediately turn to the idea of fun. However, on a sports pitch, they can be a vital component in making sure the experience is a good one. Most sports fans would have played in an area with badly made fences, had sharp edges, or were just too small. It makes for an awful experience.

Making sure the fun doesn’t stop.

With our Zaun Super Rebound Fencing, you can have the peace of mind that the only thing that will stop your football, basketball or tennis game would be someone hitting a ball miles into the air. Most people may not realise it when they play, but the fence is crucial to your level of enjoyment. In addition, you’ll have more participants and interest in your sports ground if you have the right fence.

Best quality = best experience

The Super Rebound fence gives you the best sports fencing experience for a variety of reasons. Many sports fields have sharp edges or mid-rails that can cause injury in the heat of a battle, but the Super Rebound fence has no mid-rails and is built to ensure a safe playing area. In addition, it is quieter than normal rebound boards and allows spectators to be able to watch.

Whatever your sporting needs

Once you know you have the best fence possible to keep up the enjoyment, you can have your choice of what should be at the end of each pitch. If you want more than just a football or basketball goal, there are a range of different solutions to cater to your sporting needs, including combi-units for a multi-sport solution.

A good fence is the silent champion of a sports field – a good one can provide a strong rebound while keeping everyone safe. Not only that, but they also don’t degrade like wooden boards, are quieter and have no solid surface on which to attract graffiti.

If you need high-quality sports fencing that will keep yourself, and everyone who plays happy, then contact Zaun, and we’ll be happy to go through our vast range of solutions.