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Secure school sports ground ready for next season

Secure school sports ground ready for next season

19th September 2017

It’s almost September. That time of year where children, teenagers and students head back to schools, colleges and universities across the country, ready for another year of learning. But what do they most look forward to? Is it the books and examinations, or is it school sports and playtime?

We think it’s the latter, so why not get prepared and make it the best season yet? In addition to sourcing kits and organising tryouts for the new team members, amp up your sports ground with some new facilities and extra safe security.

Sports fencing comes in all shapes and sizes. From hockey and tennis fencing to football fencing and fencing for outdoor netball courts, you will want to make sure that your students are safe when your season is in full swing, crowds are protected, and that not even the weather will be able to rain on your parade.

Here are some ways you can enhance your sports fencing this season:

1. Perimeter fencing

The first and most obvious requirement for any sports ground is perimeter fencing. Available in a range of colour types and sizes to suit any venue or sport, protecting your perimeter means your players are protected, in addition to the people and properties around you.

2. Spectator rails

Be the perfect host at home matches and ensure your spectators are extra safe with rails. At Zaun, our spectator rails can be designed to fit any size or number of gates. In addition, they can be supplied with whichever locking mechanism that suits to prevent trespassers from accessing the pitch uninvited.

3. Sports barns

Perfect for the shorter evenings and rainy days that will soon come, sports barns are the perfect solution to practising in wet or dark conditions. Extra secure for nighttime training and keeping you dry, this roofed, lit barn that lends itself to all types of sport is perfect for those who are serious about their training.

At Zaun, we understand the need for external and internal sports fencing, so contact Zaun today if you want to find out more about protecting your star players this season.