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Playgrounds must be protected by perimeter fencing

Playgrounds must be protected by perimeter fencing

15th August 2017

It is a sad reality that playgrounds need to be well secured by state-of-the-art metal fencing that is so strong in its construction it offers no way in or out for intruders. Yet, with the horrifying possibility of child kidnappings always in the public consciousness, one place that children are at their most vulnerable is at the playground.

Playgrounds should be places of joy and fun, where children can play without a care in the world and first discover the joy of going down a slide or sitting on a seesaw. For most kids, this is generally the case – but it would be foolish to ignore the 600 plus cases of child abductions reported in the UK every year.

Nothing can be left to chance when it comes to playground security

By reinforcing the playground’s perimeter with fencing that is imposing and impenetrable, the power is being taken away from those unwelcome individuals who may lurk nearby with sinister thoughts in their minds.

If you have more than one child in your care for a visit to the playground, it’s almost impossible to watch all of their movements for every second that you are out. Unfortunately, this is a reality that most parents are aware of, and the possible repercussions of getting distracted for a moment can be a frightening thought when dwelled upon for too long.

With that in mind, the wisest course of action is to take no chances: bring your children to places that you deem to be child-friendly and completely safe.

Parents want peace of mind – and Zaun playground fencing provides it

The safest playgrounds are those whereby access is solely from a clearly distinguishable entrance/exit. The perimeter should be reinforced with specifically engineered metal fencing to give parents total confidence that their children can’t wander off and that no undesirables can wander in.

Zaun is expert manufacturers in metal fencing. Playgrounds reinforced by Zaun perimeter fencing are more likely to be visited by parents with children because security is vitally important. In addition, it gives parents that all-important peace of mind.