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Fencing for Parks

Zaun offers a wide variety of park playground fencing solutions ideal for schools, playgrounds and play areas where security, safety and durability are paramount to fencing considerations. Zaun’s park playground fencing and playground gates are RoSPA compliant with no finger traps or sharp edges for children to injure or hurt themselves.

Schools, councils and LEA (Local Education Authorities) are constantly involved in providing security and safety to children in schools, playgrounds and play areas, with more and more outdoor learning areas being built to encourage children to go outside and play sports and outdoor learning games it is becoming more important to ensure the correct fencing and security is supplied to protect children from both injury and external threats.

Fencing for Parks and Playgrounds

Perimeter Demarcation


ROSPA Compliant Fencing & Gates

Skate Parks

Fencing Suitable for Playgrounds

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