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The different types of park fencing

The different types of park fencing

28th October 2021

Who doesn’t love a day out at the park? Sprawling green spaces have long been associated with improved well-being and offering a range of outdoor activities. A well-designed park will accommodate all sorts of outdoor experiences, but it takes the right designs, including proper park fencing, to make it all come together.

There are many different types of park fencing that planners will need to choose from, all with their own inherent benefits. We will outline some of the more popular types of park fencing in this article and where they are best used.

Ornamental steel fencing

For parks that are looking for a nice aesthetic, ornamental steel fencing is a fantastic option. This type of fencing uses pre-galvanised steel to offer a resilient yet elegant design by blending heavy-duty materials with intricate designs. This type of fence is normally found in well-kept parks and can emulate the look of more expensive wrought-iron fences without the expensive costs and ongoing maintenance.

Industrial steel

When it comes to simple designs that work to scale, industrial steel is the go-to solution. These park fences are excellent for security and can be designed to meet all types of different height, colour and rail placement requirements. These are a great option for parks of all types, as they are versatile enough to be used as regular fencing or tall fencing and can cover a lot of green space without costing too much.

ROSPA Compliant Railings & Gates

When it comes to running a local park, the health and safety of children must be adhered to. Specifying and installing ROSPA compliant railings and gates can ensure children are kept safe and that fencing dangers such as finger traps are removed from the equipment.

There are many different options for park fencing; it all just depends on the park’s needs. If you are looking for park fencing solutions, speak with our experts at Zaun today.