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Sprucing up playgrounds over Winter

Sprucing up playgrounds over Winter

26th October 2021

Winter is a lovely time of year. It comes with the magic of Xmas to recommend it and the promise of a new year to enjoy. Unfortunately, it can also bring cold, icy and snowy weather in its wake. This can often make outdoor public playgrounds unusable. Even if the equipment is not too slippery to climb on, kids will often be indoors if the temperature outside is too cold. For the people responsible for playgrounds like this, Winter becomes a great time of year to spruce them up while no one is around.

But how can you spruce up any outdoor public playground over Winter?

Install new fencing

Pretty much all outside public playgrounds now will have security fencing to protect those who use them. This sort of perimeter fencing, though, can get broken, tried and in need of replacing over time. With kids climbing on it and balls being bashed against it, this is no surprise. So why not use Winter and the early months of the New Year to install brand new fencing? This will not only keep people out who should not be allowed in, but it will also stop kids from getting hurt on broken fencing as they play. It will also look much better and improve the playground’s appearance.

Fix the play equipment

Next to getting the security fencing in order, the next top job is to sort out any damaged or tired play equipment. While no one is using it much in these colder months, it is a great opportunity. You may not need to replace any distressed equipment altogether – if only part of it is broken, then it could easily be fixed. Alternatively, it might just need a new lick of paint in a workshop to brighten up again.

Look at the signage

Another great idea to do now and in the early part of next year is checking over the playground signage. Is it still correct? Has any of it been damaged or vandalised? Is there new information you need to add? Thinking about this will enable you to get the signage correct for when people use it more again.

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