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Perimeter fencing protects personal projects

Perimeter fencing protects personal projects

26th May 2016

Are you about to begin building a new structure for your own personal use on privately-owned land? Such personal building projects often appeal to landowners like you because they allow them to make more space for themselves using undeveloped areas. Whether you want to create a whole new house or simply a small nook to retreat to when life becomes stressful, you’re probably eager to start your project as soon as possible. However, there are two issues that you need to consider first: safety and security. If the land you intend to build on is currently accessible to members of the public, you may need to think about setting up security measures before you start building. Even small, personal construction sites can be dangerous for unwitting members of the public who stumble onto them. What’s more, vandals or delinquents may deliberately enter the site and try to undermine your new building while you aren’t present. Clearly, it would be best if you had an effective, easy-to-implement security solution. We at Zaun can help.

You may not wish to spend money on hiring security personnel for a small, personal project, so you need a security solution that can deter intruders without human intervention. Our perimeter fencing solutions are ideal in this regard. But which perimeter fencing option is right for your project?

Firstly, we recommend that you choose a temporary security fencing solution. These are more cost-effective than permanent, embedded perimeter fences, but they’re equally secure. As your project is presumably on a relatively small scale and won’t take years to complete, temporary fencing is usually the best solution. It’s also easy to remove when your project is complete.

Secondly, you should think about whether you need to be concerned about vandals and miscreants or not. For example, if your privately-owned land is in an area with low crime levels or a sparse population, you may only need to worry about people wandering onto your construction site accidentally. In this case, you probably only need to implement security fencing too high to climb over, which doesn’t provide wanderers with an entry point.

However, if you are concerned about criminals entering your construction site, you should take further precautions. For example, fence toppings can be used to make it impossible for intruders to scale your fencing. You could also add CCTV cameras or an alarm system to create an additional deterrent.

Whatever type of security fencing you need, we at Zaun are ready to help you. Please take a look at our products pages or contact us directly to find out more.