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5 tips on keeping your construction site secure

5 tips on keeping your construction site secure

05th January 2016

Every week, an estimated £1 million worth of machinery and equipment is stolen from construction sites up and down the UK. This astonishing figure means that, along with the pressures of the build, financial restraints and health and safety protocols, construction firms now have to place construction site security as one of their primary concerns. Sites typically have expensive assets on location 24 hours a day throughout the duration of the project, meaning firms without adequate protection are putting themselves at the mercy of increasingly savvy thieves and vandals, well-versed in exploiting surveillance weaknesses. And with less than 10% of all stolen assets being retrieved by police, taking chances with security is just not worth the risk. So here we share our top five tips for keeping your construction site safe and secure.

1. Construction site fencing

When making decisions on the kind of perimeter security required on-site, consider erecting anti-climb fencing without footholds. These can act as a very effective deterrent against intruders and help stop public members, children or animals from wandering onto the site unintentionally. Reinforcing the fencing with concrete blocks and corner braces also creates a solid barrier, which will be difficult to penetrate.

2. Security guards

Having security guards present around the clock is really the best way of ensuring your site has maximum protection. In addition, many sites employ patrol staff so that the entire construction area can be effectively guarded. These services may be expensive but when the value of your construction assets are considered, it is surely a small price to pay.

3. Install temporary cameras or dummy cameras

In contemplating your construction site security, your main aim should be to deter theft and vandalism from happening in the first place by installing temporary or even dummy CCTV surveillance equipment.

4. Label and store equipment safely

Ensure that your machinery and equipment is labelled using DNA asset tags or other marking systems to decrease the chances of it being stolen and increase those of it being recovered if it is. It may sound obvious, but it is also important to securely store your valuable kit overnight: firstly, to minimise the risk of theft and guard against anyone having an accident.

5. Dialogue with the local police

Finally, by getting in touch with the police in the area, they can make you aware of any security risks you should know about, advise on local crime and assist promptly if security is breached.

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