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What potential security risks should construction sites focus on?

What potential security risks should construction sites focus on?

11th August 2020

The construction sector is the backbone of the whole UK economy and crucial to its success. If you work in the construction industry, you will know this already! You will also know what a busy and hazardous place construction sites can be. Security is another concern with any site, and it really does make sense to consider what issues you could face in this regard. But what potential security risks should you be on your guard for?

Supplies going missing

One of the most obvious security risks you could face on any site is the theft of supplies. This could be anything from bricks to cabling, copper wiring and beyond. Any building materials can go walkies if you do not have the site secured properly. While theft by construction site staff can sometimes be an issue, people coming onto the site pose the biggest threat.

Damage/theft of plant machinery

Next to building supplies being pinched, any plant machinery you have on-site is also a potential risk. This can be in the form of intruders breaking into the site to steal the machinery. It could also simply be damage to machinery or vehicles which are left on-site overnight. Both of these situations will cost you valuable time and money to fix.

Vandalism to buildings

The other major security issue can be intruders getting onto the site in the evenings to graffiti buildings. This can be especially true with half-finished buildings, which are easier to gain entry to. As with damage to vehicles or machinery, this will incur precious time and money to remedy.

How can you protect against these construction site security risks?

By far, the best idea is to ensure you have effective temporary security fencing around your site. Making sure you have tough and durable perimeter fencing is essential to keep intruders out. Not only does fencing provide a physical barrier, but it also deters people from even trying to gain access. Top-quality fencing will also make your site more professional and keep people passing by safe from dangerous construction work.

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Construction site security risks are not a joke and something you must get right. So if you are looking for durable and tough fencing for your site, call Zaun today on 01902 796699 or email [email protected].