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Common construction site security errors to avoid

Common construction site security errors to avoid

18th May 2021

Construction is one of the most important sectors in the UK. Construction sites are the industrial hub and where the hard work to erect new buildings occurs. These sites are always hectic and dangerous if safety is not taken seriously. Security is also paramount, so workers are protected, and intruders are kept out. Sometimes though, the same mistakes are seen when it comes to the security on these sites.

But which are the most common to avoid?

Not having adequate perimeter fencing.

All site operators will be aware of how essential it is to have robust boundaries such as perimeter fencing installed at the site for safety and security. This helps to stop unauthorised people from getting onto the site and potentially injuring themselves. It also stops people passing by the site from being injured by machinery or debris. In addition, fencing is key for construction site security as it stops intruders from stealing materials or equipment. However, one error on many sites does not have adequate fencing.

Heras type fencing is commonly used to protect a construction site; however, this type of fencing may not provide your site with an adequate level of security and protection to protect the site from potential thieves or trespassers. If your fencing does not cover the whole perimeter fully or is not strong or tall enough, it will not keep the site secure.

Not controlling access

While construction site security can focus mainly on what happens when workers are not around, this is not the only thing to consider. For example, a big mistake many sites make is not properly controlling access during the day. This can see people simply wandering onto a site and helping themselves with tools or materials but putting themselves at risk, and you at threat of a lawsuit. But, of course, it could also threaten workers’ physical safety if the intruder attacked them. Therefore, ensuring you control access to any site via monitored access points is a must.

Not using cost-effective construction site security products.

Whilst hoarding is a common and most popular method of protecting a construction site, it is not necessarily the most cost-effective method to protect the site. Zaun’s latest addition to our temporary fencing range RDS StrongHold is not only a rapid deploy fencing system, but the fencing panels used to secure the construction site temporarily may also be used as part of the construction of the permanent perimeter, providing a carbon-efficient way to create a perimeter. Available with a wide variety of fencing panels, from Profile mesh to 358 mesh, this system enables you to select the fencing to the level of security required to secure the site.

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