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3 effective ways to beef up on-site security in 2020

3 effective ways to beef up on-site security in 2020

19th November 2019

As we head toward the New Year, many businesses will be thinking of how they can make their site more secure in 2020. This is naturally a great idea as it will prevent break-ins and thefts and keep your grounds free from vandalism. But what are the best ways to beef up your security in 2020? If you need some inspiration, the below should help.

High-quality perimeter fencing

When it comes to effective security solutions for your site, which are also affordable, security fencing is hard to beat. However, if you currently do not have any fencing in place or the fencing is broken, 2020 is the time to do something about it. Installing or repairing security fencing will present a physical barrier to any would-be intruders. In most cases, the mere sight of perimeter fencing around a site stops them from trying to break in at all.

Car park barriers

If your business has large car parking areas, these are worth securing individually also. Having barriers or gates installed on the entrance to them is a great tip. These can be operated by your security staff or via authorised ID badges for a no-fuss solution. This allows those allowed into the car parks to access them but keeps out any vehicles that should not be. By making it harder to access your car parks, you will prevent people from squatting on the land or whizzing their cars around them at night.


CCTV cameras are another great way to make your site more secure in 2020. These high-tech cameras can be positioned anywhere you like and capture footage of any criminals who are up to no good. This footage can then be passed onto the authorities if needs be to secure convictions. If you cannot afford a CCTV system, merely putting up CCTV in operation signs is enough to scare vandals off!

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