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Why university security needs to be taken seriously

Why university security needs to be taken seriously

04th January 2018

Here at Zaun, we often provide security fencing to schools. This is because everybody knows that children need to be protected while they receive an education. In contrast, the importance of security in universities and other higher educational institutes is often overlooked simply because the students are young adults rather than children and do not seem vulnerable.

While it’s true that university students are older and much better equipped to cope with external threats than school pupils, we at Zaun believe that universities still need to protect them (and their staff) by investing in fencing and other security measures. In today’s blog, we’ll look at why security fencing and other basic security precautions are vital at universities.

1. Students are more easily exploited than other adult groups

Many university students are living away from their families for the first time. This makes them very tempting targets for criminals and abusers who may wish to exploit their lack of real-world experience. While universities obviously can’t protect students when they aren’t on campus, they can ensure that university buildings are safe, secure spaces that can’t be accessed by unauthorised personnel. Security fencing can be very effective at protecting university grounds from potential criminals. Some universities also use security gates or turnstiles, which staff and students can access using key cards. We recommend this additional precaution for universities located in urban areas with high crime rates.

2. Universities themselves may be targeted by terrorists

Universities aren’t just centres of education: they are places where new ideas flourish and vibrant political and ideological discourse occurs. As a result, some extremist groups see them as a challenge to their own doctrines and regard them as potential targets. As a result, universities (particularly well-known universities) need to take steps to protect themselves from terrorist attacks. Perimeter fencing and gates can help, as can a CCTV system that allows security personnel to spot suspicious behaviour.

3. Researchers and lecturers may require protection

The best universities in the country aren’t just educational facilities: they’re gathering places for the greatest minds in a wide range of academic disciplines. Unfortunately, these individuals sometimes have valuable expertise or knowledge that can be targeted by organised criminal groups. While this is rare, it should also be taken seriously. Simple security measures can help ensure that a university’s researchers, lecturers and professors are safe while they are on-site.

If you’re in charge of organising security for a university, don’t overlook any of the institute’s threats. Contact us today about creating a comprehensive and effective security solution that works for your university.

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