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Protecting the public from hazardous machinery and chemicals with standard security measures

Protecting the public from hazardous machinery and chemicals with standard security measures

21st June 2018

Security measures (ranging from fencing to alarm systems) can help protect your business from intruders and criminals. However, they also serve another purpose: they can protect your employees and members of the public from danger. If your business utilises potentially-hazardous machinery or chemicals, it’s important to invest in security measures that can keep members of the public and untrained employees from coming into direct contact with them. In today’s blog, we’ll look at three key security measures and how they can be used to protect employees and other individuals from hazardous machines and substances.

1. Welded mesh storage cages

Storage cages provide a perfect place to lock away dangerous equipment and substances. Members of the public can’t access them at all, while employees require keys to access them. This ensures that nobody can come into contact with your hazardous equipment or substances by accident. Only properly-trained employees who can handle the items safely should be able to get at them.

2. Alarm systems

Alarm systems are usually used to alert your security personnel to intrusion attempts and criminal activities. However, they can also warn you if a member of the public or an untrained employee is getting too close to a potentially-dangerous piece of equipment, allowing you (or suitably-trained personnel) to intervene before an injury can occur. It is particularly important to protect large pieces of dangerous equipment with alarm systems, because they may not be able to fit in storage cages. Some alarms can be attached directly to large machines, while others can be deployed in the area where they are stored.

3. Security fencing

Fencing is used to keep out would-be intruders in every type of business. However, if your business uses dangerous machinery or chemicals, it can also prevent members of the public from wandering onto the potentially hazardous parts of your site or premises. All you need to do is establish a fencing-based perimeter that has properly-controlled access points.

Here at Zaun, we sell a wide variety of security measures, including perimeter fencing, alarms and welded mesh storage cages. These measures can protect your business from criminals, but they can also protect ordinary people from any hazardous items or substances your business uses. Check out our range today to see if any of our security solutions are right for you.