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Protecting your business… from your own employees

Protecting your business… from your own employees

27th July 2017

Perimeter fencing and other security measures are generally designed to prevent thieves, vandals and other intruders from getting into your premises. They guard against external intrusion very effectively. Unfortunately, criminals and miscreants don’t always attack from the outside. If a member of staff, a customer or a legitimate visitor to your site turns out to have criminal intentions, they won’t need to get past your security system before causing trouble because they’ll already be on-site.

This can be a real problem for businesses and organisations with a high staff turnover or deal directly with public members. For example, an untrustworthy employee who hasn’t been properly vetted may try to steal from your business or organisation to supplement their income, or a disgruntled customer may commit an act of vandalism. However, even though they don’t need to invade your site or premises from the outside, these individuals can still be thwarted by properly deployed perimeter fencing and security measures.

1. Security fencing and security gates

Creating a perimeter of security fencing ensures that employees, customers and visitors can only enter and exit your site or premises through designated entry points. After all, the average staff member or customer won’t try to climb over security fencing. This means you can easily track the movement of your employees and customers and spot anyone who seems to be behaving suspiciously. What’s more, if something is stolen or vandalised by someone on-site, you can close your entrances and exits to stop them from leaving until the culprit is identified.

2. CCTV cameras and alarms

A CCTV system that monitors the interior of your site or premises can help you catch anyone who attempts to steal from you or sabotage any part of your business. Even employees and regular visitors can be caught by discreet CCTV cameras if they try to do something illegal. If necessary, you can also alarm key parts of your site or premises so that only staff members with the correct authorisation can set foot there.

3. Mesh storage cages

These can store precious items and equipment to keep them away from potential thieves and miscreants. Only trusted employees and colleagues should be given keys to mesh storage cages: newer, potential untrustworthy employees shouldn’t be allowed access to them.

Here at Zaun, we understand the need for external and internal security, so contact us today if you want to protect your business or organisation from the inside out.